Learning to eat to fuel your body is a game changer that gives you a competitive edge. Our holistic nutrition programs are fully customized to meet your biological requirements as an athlete. All programs include iris analysis as a tool to maximize health so your body is performing at it’s highest level


We believe the body will only go as far as the mind is capable of taking it. That’s why we work on your mental game to break through barriers and develop your ability to think and act beyond your pre-existing views and limits. The goal is to maximize focus and drive so you deliver your best performance every time.


Your success depends on failure and your ability to bounce back after a mistake or loss. We work on strengthening your emotional agility so you can recover faster and deliver an unstoppable performance, growing you as a person as much as a player.


Welcome to your limitless future as an athlete! Ambition Nutrition was created to educate athletes on how to fuel the body, strengthen the mind and connect with purpose.

The body is built, repaired and regenerated by the substances we consume, this why nutrition should be a pivotal part of all athletic programming.

Ambition’s cutting edge programs, rooted in holistic nutrition take this one step further, including iris analysis as a tool to assess current, and possible future deficiencies and imbalances.

Our commitment is to provide a platform for you to access your ultimate athletic performance, while enjoying optimal wellbeing. All programs are created on an individual basis, are simple to execute and deliver consistent motivation so you can accelerate your path to success


Deliver a limitless future to every athlete in the world!

Coach everyday athletes to visualize goals into existence so they can control outcomes and access their highest level of performance in sport and life.

Sarah Midghall CNP RNCP, Founder

Sarah trained as a dancer for most of her life where she learned firsthand, the importance of sports nutrition. She made the switch into fitness and personal training almost a decade ago and graduated from IHN with honours to round out her passion for the human body.

Working in the fitness industry professionally and as a manager at lululemon athletica have exposed her to countless athletes who train hard, but are uneducated on how to fuel their bodies with the nourishment required to truly excel in sport.

Sarah decided to make it her ambition to provide tools for those athletes to take their game to the next level and Ambition Nutrition was born!

As a Holistic Nutritionist Sarah believes it is her responsibility as a health care practitioner to not only stay current, but to constantly evolve her practice.

Recently, she became a certified Iridologist, adding iris analysis to her repertoire and making Ambition Nutrition the first athletic performance company to offer this cutting-edge service.